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The forms of solar energy which will blow you away! III

11th November 2020 17.30-19:30
Talk/Webinar, Workshop, Exhibition/demonstration, Interactive activity

About this event

Supported by several academic and non-academic professionals and presented by student teachers and young STEM lovers, this event will give you the chance to explore the power generated by the sun under several forms and explanations will be given as to how energy from the sun is converted to wind energy.With the help of young experts, you will design design your own floating wind generator, that in turn iproducers electricity to light a model house. You will then be able to see how a real model of a turbine works with the help of the company Catapult and take away with you your creation while having the chance to ask any question to our expertsUltimately, with the aim to understand how to take care of the energy provided to our world, our engineers will explain ideas about sustainable and renewable cities.

Session 1: 
Design your own sustainable house. Michael Kilpatrick, Civil Engineer Associate Goodson and Gabriella Rodolico, Lecturer in Science Education UoG, will explain the Engineering designing process in within the Social Sciences effort to promote Human behaviour as the main key element for a Sustainable Society. Task for pupils to carry at home and in class :Build your own sustainable house   

Session 2: 
Pupils will present in class the choices and the process and to build their own sustainable house. This will promote their communication skills and take accountability for their choices as  for active contributors to Society

Session 3:  Pupils will receive a pack  containing all the necessary resources to build their own wind turbine to power their model of sustainable house. The will be taken home to involve parents/carer in the project
 Twilight: Pupils and parents/carers will take part to a twilight session) with Gabriella Rodolico Lecturer in Science Education, UoG and Lorna Bennet Mechanical Engineer, Catapult to build their own wind turbine and connect it to their model of sustainable house to power an LED bulb inside the house. They will be explained the huge effort that Scotland is outing in promoting wind energy as a valid renewable energy alternative putting it in the Scottish socio-economic environment 

Session 4: Pupils will bring back to school their model of sustainable house powered by the wind and present it. 
Dr. Daniela Castro-Camilo Lecturer in Statistics, School of Mathematics and Statistics at UoG will explain in a recorded lesson  how statistics can be applied to make predictions around wind power and efficiency of wind turbines, and  Professor Iain MacLeod of the Institution of Engineers in Scotland,  will ask pupils (in a recorded lesson) to look at their project from the problem solving prospective challenging their minds on complex issues related to wind energy, with the aim to get them thinking about big questions such as Why wind power is not yet our main source of energy?

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