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Secrets of the Power Station: making energy visible

13th November 2020 12:30-14:00
Interactive activity

About this event


A recording of the event will be uploaded after.  If you would like to read more about this, Professor Aimee Ambrose has written a blog for the Sheffield Institute of Policy Studies (SIPS) -

During the event we offer a virtual tour of a power station in Sweden, where household refuse from Sweden and imported waste from the UK is burnt to produce heat for households and businesses and electricity that is exported to the grid. All parts of the energy production process will be explained in non-technical terms and the pros and cons of generating energy in this was will be debated.

There will be an opportunity to participate in a short, visual psychological test to establish participants' energy biases (i.e. their natural, in built preferences for different types of energy generation) and whether they change following the virtual tour. There will also be a chance to ask questions and debate the merits of this (sometimes controversial) approach to energy generation with other the event facilitators and other participants. The event is linked to a project funded by the Swedish Energy Agency called Walking with Energy which seeks to address energy invisibility by connecting citizens with where their energy comes from and equipping them with the facts to get involved in debates about how energy should be generated in future.

Secrets of the Power Station: Making Energy Visible

Video transcript

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