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Is that really true? Questioning online information and fake news with technology

08th November 2020 14:00 - 16:00
Talk/Webinar, Workshop, Politically sensitive

About this event

Can a hair dryer stop the coronavirus? Did a woman in the U.S. give birth to 17 children at once? Do monkeys live on the moon? The answer to each is, “No.” But why do people still believe these things in the news? And what about other questions that might be more difficult to answer, such as “Are our elections safe from manipulation?” or “Is climate change real or fake?” In this session, we will work through the problems and challenges of mis- and dis-information that appear in social media and in the news. Some of the problems are political and ideological but also have to do with the technologies that we use to share information. Together, we will also explore some of the online tools that we can use to measure “facts” and see if the images and ideas that we see and share are based in truth – or degrees of truth. All are welcome to this session and would be most-interactive if you can join on two devices, one to view the talk and the other two test out some of the online resources for deciphering disinformation. We will use Zoom and the Zoom chat feature to interact with each other, where applicable. Alternatively, just sit back and enjoy the discussion.

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Video transcript

are there really monkey bat people living on the moon well in the 1830s new york newspapers told that story in fact they use these tales to compete with one another and what would later be called the great moon hoax fake news and information isn't new it's always been dangerous influencing our physical and mental health economic security prosperity and equity and even contributing to war today fake news myths and disinformation includes deep fake videos ai-led digital communication that's deceiving and misleading and so in this session of the esrc festival of social science we examine how and where we get our information and explore some of the online tools to check information to see what's fake true or a mix of both i'm ted gucci a senior lecturer in the sociology department of lancaster university and i'm looking forward to seeing you online soon where we can talk about fake news today and walk away with some ways to identify it and maybe challenge it

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