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Working Together While Staying Apart: Collaboration & Codesign During Covid-19 Part Two: Interactive Codesign Workshop

09th November 2020 16:30 - 18:00
Talk/Webinar, Interactive activity

About this event

Earlier this year, the Connecting Kids Project responded to the urgent educational needs of children in Lancaster and Morecambe during the school shutdown earlier this year. The partnership behind this project strived to engage children and teachers in the design of solutions and the support they needed. This was particularly important for the ‘project in a box’ element of the project. ‘Project in a box’ engaged, excited and connected with children isolated at home through a box of creative materials and open prompts. 500 boxes were delivered full of creative materials, unusual items and open-ended visual prompts: all designed in collaboration with children and teachers. These boxes continue to evolve as we build and distribute more and more boxes.

This highly interactive workshop follows on from the earlier part one of this double session, in which participants can speak with children, teachers, academics and university outreach staff who all collaborated on ‘project in a box’. It is not compulsory to attend both parts.

Attendees will first receive an introduction to some of the principles of co-design and an overview of ‘project in a box’ and what it aimed to achieve. We will also recap on some of the key themes and considerations that emerged form the morning’s discussion with children and teachers. Attendees will then be put in small, mixed groups to design resources and open prompts which we will go on to produce and include in the next iteration of ‘project in a box’. Each group will be supported by a relevant academic form Lancaster University and a member of outreach staff who can answer questions about the practical elements of the boxes. Everyone is welcome at this event as all contributions and skills will be as valuable as each other, regardless of experience of education or design.

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